Our information is secure

we store your data

We protect all account information received directly from you .B. Details of creating or modifying accounts, contacting customer service, requesting on-demand services, and other related details. We recognize that protecting your privacy is import ant to you. These disclosure details ensure that the credibility of the company is assured and the information provided will not be disclosed by the company or its affiliated members under any critical circumstances.

Confidential information is protected according to company policy .B. Name, phone number, email address, profile picture, mailing address, product delivery requests, and any other additional information you provide.

We are committed to maintaining all your privacy details. Our employees and every one who interacts with the site follow usage practices and strict policies regarding your information.

Acceptance of Terms and Policies

Your use our his website constitutes your acceptance of his current privacy policy as stated on the website. In accordance with our current policies posted on our website, you are deemed to have accepted all of our terms and conditions. If the information seems irrelevant or if you do not agree with our terms of use, please do not use the website and do not provide us with any personal information.

Certain Information We Collect

Our working team or users involved in the processing maintain the confidentiality of your data. Our employees and processors must have access to your personal data collected and respect the information collected in accordance with specific organizational policies. We collect information in a variety of ways and ensure confidentiality is maintained. We collect your data in the following categories:

1. Location Information: When you place an order using our Service, your physical location is tracked using GPS and network-based sources. The BigJack website allows you to grant access to the location services website using a “mobile operating system only through our permission system. You can even get the exact location of your device running in the background to send retail store promotions. Additionally, our team can use his iPad address to track your approximate location and speed up our website.

2. Contact Information: By allowing the BigJack website to access your address book on your device through our permission system, we are able to collect the necessary details from your address book .B. Company Name and Contact Information. Through this process, we facilitate your social interaction through our Services. Use the above information to check if the user is connected to the network and provide the user with the option to make a call when tapping one of the contact numbers.

3. Transaction Information: All details of your transaction related to the services we use are provided by our team, including the service you requested, the time the service was performed, the amount charged, when you placed your order, and other transaction details. Recorded.. In either case, if someone uses your promotional code, we will link that person’s name to you. with the help of this

4. Usage and Preference Information: We collect some specific information .B. How you and your website visitors interact with our services, your expressed preferences, and preferences chosen based on your requirements. In addition, in some cases we use similar technologies and cookies that create unique identifiers.

5. Device Information– All important details and information of your mobile phone are carefully stored by our team. operating system, mobile version, hardware model, software, filename version, serial number, advertising identifier, mobile network information, and device movement information to retrieve running apps and improve performance. Based on the details of the information found on your device, we can access your information and easily locate your account on your device .B. Read the phone status, call the phone number and recognize your identity.

6. Call and SMS Data: Our website facilitates communication between users and customer support. In addition, we receive call data including the time of the call, the date the SMS message was received, the phone number of the parties, the content of the SMS message, and the OTP.

7. Log Information– When you access our Services, it provides information such as your device IP address, app functionality, pages viewed, access times and times, other system activity, app crashes, and third party websites and services. receive information through server logs that Content from parties attended prior to using our services. All of this information helps us to check network connectivity, receive data from the internet, read phone status, prevent device from sleeping and show Wi-Fi connectivity.

Our ways of using your personal information

While using our websites when you feed your personal details at BigJack.fun, our job is to consolidate your personal information and use it for the purpose it was collected for. You may go through the further details as to how your information is used that we collect from you and how we safeguard your details and identity from external source and bring it to the good use.

We use your information to contact you in future regarding the BigJack.fun products or their promotion and other products and services with intent to bring changes on the product or to make some improvisation for the same.

Your information is used to keep the track of different activities of users on our sites, to improve our promotional and marketing efforts, to improve the areas of key features, to strategically analyze the web site usage, and improve the website design, content and features to improve the marketing strategies.

With the information we receive, we provide better and improves services in terms of facilitating payments, providing products and services you request on time, and sending receipts. TheServiceis personalized and improved based on the information we receive, striving to provide enhanced functionality, better social connections, advertisements and recommendations.

For example, internal operations are performed, such as how to prevent fraud and abuse of data analysis, research and testing. Additionally, activity trends are monitored and analyzed.

Sending you important communications of interest, such as information about products, services, events, news and promotions.

BigJack.fun go to provide a healthy and meaningful experience with your personal information while promoting our products in a cost-effective and efficient manner.

Conditions on sharing your information
During the course of doing business, whatever information we collect about you as per the guidelines described in the statement can be performed by other companies on our behalf provided some conditions are fulfilled. We may share your information based on the following conditions:

Sometimes, we come up with an option to retain third parties to update, analyze, and correct data that we collect on our web sites just to improve our product efficiencies and database.

Personal information is shared with the third parties such as agents, fulfillment houses, suppliers, and other third parties to allow delivery of product, services, and information.

Third parties help in providing you a service you requested through a promotional offerings or partnership made by the either parties i.e. third party or us.

These third parties may access to your personal information if it is needed to perform functions for BigJack.fun but these parties are not authorized to make any unnecessary use of your personal information until it is used for the intended purpose. When you submit content to public forums that are open to the public, such as blog comments, other features or social media posts on our Service, that content be comes publicly available.

Wemayshareyourinformationifyouallowustoshareitwith third parties, such as through other apps or websites or other materialsharing.

Other important information we may share
In connection with BigJack.fun, our affiliates and subsidiaries perform services, perform data processing on our behalf, serve logistical purposes, and centralize data.

Other business parties with whom we work, such as consultants, suppliers, service providers and marketing providers, need access to such information from time to time in order to perform work on our behalf.

For information requests from competent authorities, disclosure must be made in accordance with applicable law, legal process or regulation, or other request. If we deter mine that your actions are irrelevant and contrary to our User Agreement, Terms and Policies, or to protect the property, rights and safety of BigJack.fun, we may disclose that information to law enforcement agencies., government agencies, and other third parties.

This information will be shared in the even to negotiation, merger, consolidation, sale of company assets, financing, or acquisition of part of our business by or with another company.

Informationwillbesharedif we notify you separately and you consent to the sharing.

If wecannotidentifyyouusing anonymized or aggregated information,thenwemayneed to share your information.

Future Privacy Policy Changes
BigJack.fun reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to make any necessary changes to its privacy policy in the future. We will post any necessary changes to this existing or new policy. Therefore, we encourage you to visit this area regularly for the latest information. If there are any material changes to the information we collect or how we use that information, we will first obtain your consent before making any changes.