Do Penis Enlargement Pills Really Work? 

Do Penis Enlargement Pills Really Work? 

Men remain curious about their penis size because they think that if their penis size is large, only then, their sexual life would be better, but it’s all in vain because penis size doesn’t attract female partner and if your partner doesn’t understand then you should communicate with your partner and to initiate a better sexual life, there should be a better understanding between the partners. There are lots of products available in market to enhance the size of penis like vaccum pump, some pills to increase the penis size, but you should only choose or opt for exercise and meditation. There is no guarantee that, all these products will work or not. Mostly, pills contain vitamins and  hormones but we cannot say, pills work on penis enlargement or not. The pills may be harmful for the body because these pills may cause the hormonal imbalance in the body. So, don’t take risk with your health or if you want to take pills to enlarge the penis then it is advisable to concern doctor before having pills or you can opt for the herbal or homeopathic pills too. There is a product to increase the length of penis named vaccum pump, this pump also help to enlarge penis and also keeps the penis healthy because it draws the blood into the penis. You can use vaccum pump to treat the erectile dysfunction but using vaccum pump has some disadvantages also like it can decrease the stiffness of penis if you use it continuously for long time. So, in this vlog, we will make you aware of the pills which are used to enlarge size of the penis and do these really work or not, let’s go:  

Bigjack Penis enlargement pills  

Most of the pills are made up of Ginkgo Biloba and believe me, there is no any guarantee that all the pills are made up of herbal plant’s extract because companies are only concerned about their ads and marketing. These pills also contains vitamin supplements and claim to complete the vitamin deficiency in the body but no, this is not true. There are lots of drugs which are also used to make penis enlargement pills but these pills are not regulated by FDA, so these are not safe. So, don’t take risk.  

Do penis enlargement pills work  

As we know that the pills are not regulated by FDA, so, it’s not checked that these pills are safe or not and if someone take the pills in order to enlarge penis then surely he is taking risk with his health. We can say that, there are some pills, which help to make the penis stiff and also firm at the time of erection because at that time penis get filled by the blood and these pills increase the flow of blood into penis and make penis stiff for a longer time but it doesn’t make sense that you should use the pills for the temporary stiffness or enlargement.  

Exercise and meditation 

Include the exercise and meditation in your daily routine and make it a habit. There are lots of exercises to make the penis healthy and also eat healthy food like protein supplement food and for vitamins, you can eat fruits.  


If you are keen to increase the penis size or wants to make your penis healthy then stretching is the best exercise for all kind of penis. In this exercise, you have to stretch your penis straight from bottom to the top. You can repeat it for 10 minutes.  

Rotating stretching 

In this type of stretching, you have to rotate the penis from bottom to top. Stretching can increase the length and girth of penis.  

Kegel exercise 

In this type of exercise, you have to tense the muscles and then hold these muscles. You should repeat it for 10 times daily for the better results. This exercise will make your penis’ muscles strong and make it erect and treat erectile dysfunction.  

So, it is cleared that pills doesn’t work and we can say that it doesn’t work for the permanent enlargement of penis. In most of the cases, surgery can make the chances to enlarge the penis for a longer time. Exercise and meditation work with the mental health and if you are fit mentally then your penis is also healthy and if your penis is healthy then there are more chances to increase the stiffness and make it large.  

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