Can a man increase ling size

Can a man increase ling size?

Are you concerned about your ling size and searching for the best solution? Great!! You are at the right place. Here we’ll be discussing medicines to increase ling size and will also explore some other options like diet and yoga to increase your ling length and girth.

Well, before we move forward let’s discuss the average ling size of Indian men. The average ling size lies between 5.1-5.5 inch. Below we have tabulated the men’s ling size based on their age. However, the ling size can vary among the individuals.  

AgeAverage ling Size (In Inches)
18-254.5- 5.5
66 and above4.4-5.3

Note- the above-listed ling size is an approximation that may not represent the actual average ling size of the Indian men.

Penis Size Medicine – Is It Worth?

Currently, no known medicine can actually increase ling size. However, there are multiple over-the-counter ling-size medicines in the market that promise to increase ling size. If you are searching for ling-size medicine to improve your ling size, then it is essential to find the root cause of the issues.  

Mental health and stress can also contribute to erection issues during intercourse. So, addressing the right cause is crucial in treating the root cause. Most of the time, the erection problem can be due to some health concerns like erectile dysfunction, so consulting your doctor can help you find the right solution to increase ling size.

The ling size medicine increases the blood flow inside your ling, which ultimately helps you achieve the proper erection. Having an adequately erected ling improves your intercourse experience and makes you feel satisfied.

What Are The Other Options To Increase ling Size?

Including oral ling size medicine, some other products like oil and pumps are also available on the market. If you are searching for ling size medicine and oil do consult your doctor. Although multiple other options like exercise and yoga can help you achieve the proper erection.

Some exercises like Jelqing can help you in getting the highest erection and increase your ling size naturally. This exercise uses hand-on-hand motion to push the blood flow from the bottom of your ling to the head of your ling. For more accurate information about this, you can talk to your doctor. To book your appointment, you can call us now.


The ling size and girth play an essential role during intercourse, as this leads to mutual orgasms. If you are having issues with your ling size and you are looking to increase ling size, then consult us for the best quality ling size medicine. Our expert can help you with this and increase your ling size to satisfy your partner and gain your pride.


Can a man increase their ling size?

As we have discussed above, men achieve the proper erection with the help of the available over the counter ling size medicine. But before you start consuming the ling size medicine, consult your doctor to get expert advice.

How long does it take for a ling to grow?

The over the counter ling size medicine starts working within 15-20 minutes after you consume it. The ling-size medicine encourages the flow of the blood inside the ling, which helps you increase the ling size.

Which medicine is best to increase ling size?

This basically depends on the individual and health condition. It is highly recommended that you contact an expert doctor to get the best medicine so that you can get an increased ling size without any harm. To get expert advice, consult our doctor.

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